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October 01, 2006

The Cast from M.I.M.E.


Sometimes also known as Terrists, due to the fact that their bodies seem to be made of normal terrestrial rock and dirt. They are vaguely hominid in shape. These aliens have been popping up around earth, coming as it seems from a dimensional rift as opposed to in invading spaceships. Multiple opinions have been advanced as to their true nature, and no resoundingly convincing conlusion has been agreed upon.
  • They may be some kind of beacon from an alien civilization
  • scouts for an alien invasion force,
  • an extremely low-level intelligence unable or unwilling to realize the harm it is causing,
  • cosmic astronauts who are themselves getting disfigured in the travel,
  • some kind of natural phenomenon echoing the psychologies of humans present at the time,
  • Some have even claimed it is a spiritual force, either of the devil or of new friends we can make in the astral plane.
Three things are clear:
  • humans tend to die when their bodies intersect with these aliens;
  • they are in fact "vanquishable" by various means of force;
  • and the ferocity and danger posed by the apparitions that show up are in proportion to the ferocity against them.
Some folks such as Ralph Odchin are advocating for moving the front lines in this fight back to the dimension which these things appear to come from. Others, who have no hesitation to use lethal force to protect human life in immediate danger, see this as a reckless escalation of the war.

Ralph Odchin

In response to a series of terrist attacks, Ralph took power, not only of a team of heroes, but also of civil authority on the planet. At the time, the largely popular hero, M.I.M.E. Man, was away on a dangerous mission in outer space. Ralph understands the threats to earth caused by the recent alien attacks and is only seeking security and freedom for all earthlings. Ralph is also working closely with the Iridium Technetide Corporation and the Socieity for Intellectual Property to ensure that no one is using technology without the permission of its Rightful Owner.


Openly seeks financial gain and power in any way possible. Involved in the thievery of robot technology and know-how. Involved in scientific experiments with wormholes and dimensional travel that may be fomenting the alien attacks. Leader of the most evil and dangerous team on the planet, naturally off the radar screen of concern for the heroes on Ralph's team.

The Man from M.I.M.E.

A widely popular hero of years ago, now a pariah. He and a small band of heroes were sent on a mission in outer space to protect earth from a threat. He was changed by what he discovered out there, and so has earth changed even more in his absence. After a series of alien attacks, what used to be a superhero/ super-solider/ detective force known as the Men from M.I.M.E. has been taken over by Ralph Odchin, who has taken on advanced police powers. Faced with the goal of protecting life, he and his allies must fight not only aliens and wrong-headed "good guys", but also villians whom no one else is paying attention to. He and his allies are the Men from M.I.M.E.

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