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October 01, 2006


This web comic is done for free!

Web Hosting

Blogger. I suppose I could pay for an online hosting service, but I was been burned too many times by fly-by-night services in the 1990's, and you know google, who owns blogger, isn't going anywhere.

Photobucket. I wanted to post some animated GIFs. Blogger is too cheap to do so, so I signed up for a photobucket account. This comic will be sooooo cool once I start putting animated GIFs in some of the frames.


povray. The characters are modelled and animated within this amazing and frustrating freeware raytracer. I have created them with blobs. Think of each character as a stack of a few hundred squashed or stretched spheres.

blender. An open source, GUI, mesh-based modeller. I have not yet produced any material for this comic but may some day soon.

Xara Xtreme for Linux. I'm using the open source version of this presentation program to make the frames and publishable JPG. I tried multiple presentation programs that I could find freely available for linux, and Xara was the best by far for making a comic like this. There is also a Windows version if you're interested.

GIMP. This freeware image manipulation has many tools that aid in the creation of this comic. I can quickly do some special effects with GIMP that would have taken hours to figure out in a 3D application. For example, I wanted to simulate the rastering that comes from a TV screen. This was one mouse click in GIMP.

Knoppix 5.01. I'm using a HDD install of this distribution of linux. Some knoppix-heads tell you not to make an HDD install of this OS, which is designed for use as a live CD. Being a contrarian however I believe it's still one of the best distros for HDD installation.

Blambot fonts. I think the title logo might be from Blambot.

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